About Raah

Meet Raah Vibez, a dance virtuoso whose journey ignited at the tender age of four with ballet, taking flight in the vibrant crossroads of Kingston, JA and Queens, NY. Here, she absorbed the pulsating energy of Dancehall and Hip Hop, a fusion that shapes her unique style, with Dancehall truly capturing her heart.

In college, Raah faced a dance world that felt whitewashed, unwelcoming, and a far cry from the dance culture she adored. In response, she broke free, birthing a dance team where self-expression and authenticity reigned supreme. A beacon for those who felt sidelined, her mission bloomed—creating a dance haven for all.

Dancehall ultimately transformed Raah, boosting her self-acceptance and empowerment. Now, she welcomes women into a world where Dancehall isn't just dancing; it's a lifestyle, a journey. It's a safe space where women from all walks of life can express themselves freely, with no judgments or boundaries.

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