About Raah

Meet Raah Vibez: a beacon in the dance world, whose journey began with ballet at age four and blossomed amid the rich cultures of Kingston, JA and Queens, NY. Dancehall and Hip Hop weren't just styles to Raah; they were her heart's beat and soul's breath, a legacy of her vibrant Jamaican roots.

Facing a dance world that felt distant from the raw essence she loved, Raah blazed her own trail in college. She formed a dance team dedicated to raw expression and inclusivity, lighting the way for those once sidelined.

For Raah, Dancehall isn't just dance; it's liberation. It taught her confidence, body positivity, and unapologetic self-love. These aren't just lessons; they're her life's fabric, woven into every movement and beat that empowers and frees her.

Enter The Vibez Experience: Raah's invitation to a dancehall journey that transcends movement. It's a celebration of unity, self-expression, and joy, where women from all walks of life come together to dance their stories, free of judgment. With over 15 years of teaching, Raah makes every beat a step towards empowerment for everyone.

Ready to embrace your unique rhythm? Join The Vibez Experience and dance your way to freedom and joy!

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