Child of Two Worlds

Raah Vibez is a dance choreographer, instructor, and performer who started her dance journey in ballet at the tender age of four. Splitting her childhood between Kingston, JA and Queens, NY, Raah grew up in the cultural epicenters of Dancehall and Hip Hop— both of which she naturally gravitated to as she progressed as a dancer.

Raah's dance philosophy is simple — Have fun, express yourself, connect with the music, and ENTERTAIN. She believes that everyone can dance, they only need the confidence to do it!

Raah has carried this philosophy with her since high school, using her raw talent, creativity, and drive to allow not only herself, but also the teams she has led, to amaze audiences everywhere. Raah wishes for all of her students to experience the freedom and empowerment that she does from dance.

So, what are you waiting for?? Come experience the VIBEZ !